• Various projects supported by DST, SBT, MNRE etc. are running successfully.
  • More than 50 proposals by faculty of SGI are running and supported under- R&D scheme. Few notable in – house projects are:
  1. “To Design and Develop a single seater Formula Style Car” for participation of students of Automobile, HCST in SUPRA SAE INDIA 2014.
  2. Study of Buoyancy Induced Mass Flow Air through an Inclined Rectangular Duct Headed on one of its surfaces.
  3. Interactive Web-Based Teaching and leaning System.
  4. CMS ( Collision Mitigation Brake System): the system predicts vehicle collsions and assist brake operation to reduce the impact.
  5. Isolation and characterization of antibacterial and antifungal compounds of the indigenous plant.
  6. PCR based detection of Mastitis Inflammation f udders pathogen directly from milk samples.
  7. Web- Based teaching and Learning System||.
  8. Polymer concrete by furan resin for corrosion and acid resistance.
  9. Design & Developments of ARM processor based embedded system for automation of Home Appliances.
  10. Impulsive buying: An exploration into emotional intelligence and money attitude of professional studies.