Yashi Sharma

I take this opportunity to express my gratitude to the T&P and the T&D department whose constant and untiring efforts have helped me to weave my story of success.


Surabhi Kalra

I would like to express my sincere thanks to Anand Engineering College as it has built a solid foundation around the quality of its faculty and a broad spectrum of its academic offerings have prepared us for a successful tomorrow…


Tanya Khetrapal

Their excellent guiding skills and courteous personality has helped me tremendously through my journey at Anand Engineering College. I have learned so much from all my trainers at TNP Dept. and I look forward to learn more.


Medha Shukla

Life at Anand Engineering College has shaped my personality professionally and personally and has been the perfect platform to groom myself as an eligible and competitive person to face the corporate world.


Ruchi Dubey

It’s an honour for me to have such courteous personalities in my life who helped me by their excellent guiding skills through my journey in Anand engineering college.

Shalini Dwidevi-AEC

Shalini Dwivedi

I take this opportunity to extend my whole hearted gratitude to Anand College Faculty & T&P department who guided me during the toughest years of my life and ensured I emerge as a winner.


Avantika Singh

Thanks to AEC for driving my career aspirations in the right way and shaping me well to achieve my goal. I am delighted to have chosen AEC :)

sahil verma

Sahil Verma

The faculty members in ACP are open to prepare classes according to the student’s needs and interests. By talking to the teachers during the lessons and after class and regular class tests form time to time, improved my performance.

Dimple Parasher

Dimple Parashar

The classes are very interesting and not hard. The atmosphere was very friendly and all the staff is kind. I learnt many things in labs, and the most beautiful thing is that I enjoyed myself doing the practical.

Mohan Prakash

Mohan Prakash

I think it is very helpful having teachers that make you want to study and make you learn new things without being boring or repetitive, but interesting instead.