Bachelor of Architecture

Bachelor of Architecture

Course Offered is approved by AICTE & COA:

Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch.) at Anand Campus is a 5 year full-time programme that focuses on the subjects related to engineering, arts and technology to impart practical understanding of architecture to the students. During the programme, students develop their drawing and designing skills and techniques. Anand Campus is dedicated to developing the best eco-sensitive practitioners in the architecture field.

B.Arch. degree is related to the designing and development of buildings and different types of constructions. This programme equips students with the competencies required for being the professional architects and also exposes them to the technical, social, aesthetic, political and ethical dimensions of the environment. This field covers different areas of architecture such as safety management, aesthetics, spatial design, material management etc. Architecture is the art of planning, designing and constructing different structures and buildings. Architects are the actual creators of building designs and after pursuing B.Arch course, one can secure their future in this sector.

After pursuing B.Arch. programme at Anand Campus, graduates will be able to become licensed architects. They can also take up an academic career through advanced studies, teaching and research and development. After completion of the programme, the architects can contribute to social development with non-governmental organizations. Career opportunities in this sector are immense because of boom in the construction and designing sectors.

Courses Offered / Fee Structure

Courses of Bachelor of Architecture(B.Arch)
Course/Branch Seats Intake
B.Arch 40
Fee Structure for B.Arch
Course Fee (Per Annum) B.Arch (5 Year)
Tuition & OTH Fee 85,000
Registration Fee 3,000
Caution Money (Once & Refundable) 5,000
NASA, Student's Workshop Seminar -
Documentation & Reprography -
Educational Tour & Site Visits -
Exam fee + Dev fee + Enrol + Univ. fee -
Total Fee 93,000
Other Fee
Particulars Yearly
Examination Fee -
Book Bank Fee -
Uniform Fee -
Bus/Transportation Fee 21,000 (Per Annum)
Hostel/Mess Fee + Caution Money 68,000 + 5,000(Refundable)